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Luxe chalet

Luxe chalet

Max. 6 persons


Both chalets sleeping 6 are provided with 3 bedrooms ( 1 bedroom provides a double bed with television, 1 bedroom provides a bunk bed and 1 bedroom provides two single beds; both beds in the last mentioned bedroom can be put to the wall to put children's cots in there) sanitary facilities(basin, toilet and shower), kitchen ( including combination microwave), spacious livingroom ( including television and DVD player) and central heating. The chalets are auietly but centrally situated. The chalets provide a lounge set, loungers and a picknickset in the garden!

The chalets can be rented per night, per weekend or per week (excepted Ascension and Whitsunday). The fees are including Wifi. All you need to bring is bedlinen and towels and your holiday can begin. A children's cot and/or high chair can be rented to on request.


  • Max. 6 persons
  • (Combi) microwave
  • Television present
  • WiFi present
  • Amount of bedrooms: 3
  • Amount of bathrooms: 1

Availability & booking

First choose your day of arrival, afterwards you can chose the day of departure.

  Not available


Luxe chalet

Prices shown are based on two persons!


The following things are minimum in the chalet present:

*1 x coffee maker 
*1 x kettle 
*1 x lemon squeezer  
*1 x vacuum-cleaner 
*2 x TV
*1 x DVD-player

*8 x 1-person quilt
*8 x pillow

*1 x potato peeler
*1 x potato masher
*1 x cheese slicer
*1 x baking spoon
*1 x meat fork
*1 x stir spoon
*1 x garde
*1 x vegetable grater
*1 x large spoon (set of 3) 
*1 x colander
*1 x measuring cup
*1 x creamer
*1 x sugar-bowl
*1 x sauce bowl
*1 x tin opener
*1 x bottle opener
*1 x bottle screw
*1 x pair of scissors

*2 x sauce spoon
*10 x table spoon
*10 x table knife
*10 x table fork
*10 x teaspoon
*2 x children's cutlery (childknife, -fork und -spoon)
*10 x cake fork
*1 x salade set (set of 2)
*1 x soup-ladle
*2 x serve spoon
*1 x carving fork and knife
*1 x cake slice
*10 x dessertspoon
*10 x egg spoon

*1 x bread knife
*1 x bread board
*1 x breadbasket

*6 x beerglass
*6 x wine-glass
*6 x shot glass
*12 x lemonade glass
*4 x plastic children cup
*10 x coffee cup
*10 x coffee saucer
*10 x cup
*10 x soup bowl
*10 x cake dish
*10 x plate flat
*10 x plate deep
*3 x glass bowl (several sices)
*10 x glass bowl square
*4 x plastic children tray
*10 x egg cup

*1 x casserole
*1 x frying pan
*1 x cooking pot 18 cm
*1 x cooking pot 20 cm
*1 x cooking pot 22 cm
*1 x saucepan
*4 x pillars

*1 x meat box (set of 3) 
*3 x stock bus (several sices)
*1 x tray
*1 x vase
*2 x ashtray
*1 x bucket
*1 x dish rack
*36 x clothespeg
*1 x mop
*1 x floor trigger
*1 x window trigger
*1 x dustpan and brush
*1 x broom
*1 x drainer
*1 x washing-up bowl
*1 x waste bin small
*1 x waste bin big
*2x door mat
*16 x clothes hanger
*1 x painting
*4 x waxin light
*1 x flower
*loungeset for 6 persons
*2 x sunbed (terrace)


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