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Frequently asked questions

“Frequently asked questions”

On this page you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not among them? No problem! You can get in touch with us at any time by telephone (0485-388566) or e-mail (


Are domestic pets allowed?

Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen is a dog-free campsite. Dogs are not allowed. Dogs belonging to visitors are also not allowed.

At which times and on what days can we visit the campsite to book a pitch or rental accommodation?

You are more than welcome to visit our campsite 365 days a year.  Also during the winter period, there is always someone available to provide you with the required information. If the reception is closed for a moment, you can announce your arrival via the intercom. One of our assistants will then come and provide you with all the necessary information.

Is barbecuing allowed?

Barbecuing is allowed, but not with charcoal! This is because of the woodlands surrounding our campsite. In the event of an extreme or long drought, the fire brigade may forbid barbecuing altogether. This is for your safety and that of the other campsite guests. We kindly request you to have a bucket of water at hand for any little accidents.

What kind of people visit Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen?

Guests at De Ullingse Bergen are mainly young families with children up to the age of 10 years old, seniors, nature lovers, and also grandparents and their grandchildren up to the age of 10.


Are all the pitches located on camping fields?

No, you have the choice between camping with and without play equipment, but you can also opt for a quieter pitch in a pleasant lane. In addition, all the pitches, including the pitches in a field, have been provided with a green area behind and next to the camping equipment.

Are the camping pitches car-free?

No, the camping pitches are not car-free. If you do not wish to park your car on the pitch, then you can do this in the central car park. Any second car should always be parked in the central car park.

Are the prices all-inclusive?

All prices include use of the various facilities, electricity (except on a pre-season and seasonal pitch) and hot and cold water. Al our arrangement are also inclusive tourist tax. Our night rate is not inclusive tourist tax. In that case you pay € 1,25 pro day/pro person. Around the reception and in our restaurant 'De Heksenboom' you can use free wifi. If you like wifi on your pitch you have to pay a little amount. If you hire one of our accommadations, wifi is included.

From what time may we make use of the camping pitch?

You can make use of your camping pitch from 2 pm (14.00 hrs). The pitch should be vacated no later than 12 noon (12.00 hrs).
Of course, you are free to stay the whole day at the campsite on the day of arrival and departure, so that you can make use of the heated open air swimming pool, for example.

Is it possible to make use of the camping pitch on the last day during the afternoon/evening?

During certain periods, it is possible to make use of your camping pitch, depending on occupation, during the afternoon (and possibly the evening). In this case, you will pay a surcharge of € 12,50 instead of an extra overnight stay, after which you can make use of your camping pitch until 10 pm (22.00 hrs). 

Is it possible to put up an extra tent next to my camping equipment?

Extra tents are allowed, but they should not be larger than 4 m2 and should be pointed or dome tents. If you put up an extra tent (1 small tent is included in the price), you should park your car in the central car park. A second extra tent is only allowed after prior agreement and after payment of € 6,75 per night.

Should I set up my camping equipment in a certain way?

No, it's up to you how you place your tent or caravan on your rented pitch.

What are the differences, also in price, between the various camping pitches?

Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen has 4 different kinds of camping pitches. On the Basic Pitches (all situated on the 'Maisveld' (Maize Field)) you have a 10 ampere power supply (NB Maisveld 130-141 also have a TV connection).

All the Comfort pitches (all situated on the 'Grasveld' (Grass Field)) have a waste water outlet and TV connection, in addition to a power supply.
In addition to the choice of a basic or comfort pitch, you can also choose from a 100 or 150 m2 pitch. As an extra advantage, the 150 m2 pitches have a 16 ampere power supply and their own water tap. For the 100 m2 pitches, there is a water tap point located either in the centre of the camping field or in the middle of a lane (NB exception: the 150 m2 pitches on the Maisveld, numbers 133 and 134 have a 16 ampere power supply, their own water tap point and a TV connection, but not a waste water outlet).


Are all rates inclusive?

For all rental accommodations, the rates include use of the various facilities, electricity, (hot) water and wifi. Our rental rates are exclusive of tourist tax at € 1.25 per person per day and compulsory cleaning costs. If desired, you can rent bath or bed linen, as well as a children's bed or chair. In the Young Families Verandachalet a high chair is included, as well as a baby bed (cot), playpen, changing table and baby bath.

Are bedlinen and kitchen linen available?

There is no bedlinen in any of the different kinds of accommodation. Duvets and pillows are provided in the rental chalets and lodge (all these different kinds of accommodation have single duvets). Only a pillow is provided in the Boshutten and you need to take a sleeping bag, for example, with you. You can also rent bedlinen for € 9,95 per set (a set of bedlinen consists of a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and a pillowcase). There are no bath towels or kitchen linen available in any of the different kinds of accommodation. It is possible to rent bath towels if required for € 2,- per towel. We kindly request you to book both linen and bath towels in advance. Prior to arrival, you will receive a comprehensive inventory of each accommodation.

For which rental accommodation do I have to pay cleaning costs and/or a deposit? Am I obliged to do this?

If you wish to rent something, you can between several accommodations. If you rent a Boshut (log cabin), you do not have to pay the cleaning costs, but you are responsible for cleaning the cabin yourself. At the end of your stay the cabin should be clean and tidy. In case of all other accommodations, you have to pay cleaning costs. A deposit is not required for any of the rental accommodation.

From what time may we make use of the rental accommodation?

You are very welcome from 3 pm (15.00 hrs) onwards in the lodge, chalet or Boshut. On the day of departure, you should vacate it no later than 11 am (11.00 hrs). On both the day of arrival and departure, you may make use of all the facilities on the campsite all day long.

Is it possible to place a child's bed?

In most rental accommodations, it is possible to place a child's bed in one of the bedrooms. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities in your accommodation. The Young Families Veranda Chalet and the Children's Chalet come standard with one child's bed.

Is it possible to rent children's beds/high chairs?

Yes, there are children's beds and high chairs available for rental (€ 1,50 for a day).

Arrival & departure

Is it possible to arrive outside the opening hours of the reception?

Yes, this is possible every day. If you arrive after closing time, we request you to announce your arrival via the intercom. One of our assistants will then check you in as quickly as possible. It is possible to check in up to 10 pm (22.00 hrs).

Facilities & opening hours

What does 'limited recreation' entail?

Our guests mainly come here to enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful natural surroundings of Vakantiecentrum De Ullingse Bergen. During their holidays, they enjoy going on trips together to various places, such as the heated open air swimming pool or the ball pool at the campsite, or to the zoo or a museum in the area. Even so, during holiday periods (the May holiday, Ascension weekend, Whitsun and a few weeks during the summer holidays) we offer a limited recreational programme. A maximum of 2 activities per day are organised. A few examples of these activities include walking with the forest ranger, arts and crafts, children's bingo, dancing with the children's friend, MaGniX, and games afternoons etc.


Reservation & payment

When should I pay?

Once your booking has been made, we kindly request you to pay half of the total sum (as well as the total sum of any cancellation insurance that has been taken out) within 14 days after the date of booking. The other half should be paid 4 weeks before the date of arrival.


Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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