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Wood cabin

Wood cabin

Max. 5 persons


Enjoying the real camping feeling is possible in this cosy and simple woodcabin with verandah in Brabant. This wooden cabin is provided with a bunk bed, 1 double bed and a single bed on top of that, table with 5 chairs and a kitchen block (stove, fridge and kitchen ware). On top of that the Boshut provides a wonderful covered verandah with garden furniture. Opposite the Boshut you can use the toilet facilities in the sanitary block. Besides that the cabin is next to a playground too.

All you have to do is bring your sleeping bag and towel to experience camping.


  • Max. 5 persons
  • WiFi present

Availability & booking

First choose your day of arrival, afterwards you can chose the day of departure.

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Wood cabin

Prices shown are based on two persons!

The following things are minimum in the chalet present:

*1 x coffeee maker
*1 x Kettle

*5 x pillow

*1 x potato peeler
*1 x skimmer
*1 x cheese slicer
*1 x baking spoon
*1 x meat fork
*1 x garde
*1 x vegetable grater
*2 x large spoon
*1 x colander
*1 x tin opener
*1 x bottle opener
*1 x bottle screw
*1 x pair of scissors

*8 x table spoon
*8 x table knife
*8 x tafble fork
*8 x teaspoon
*2 x Children's cutlery (set of childknife, -fork and spoon)
*8 x cake fork
*1 x soup-ladle
*1 x gravy spoon
*2 x tablespoon

*1 x bread knife
*1 x bread board
*1 x breadbasket

*6 x beerglass
*6 x wine-glass
*3 x shot glass
*8 x lemonade glass
*4 x plastic children cup

*6 x coffee cup
*6 x coffe saucer
*6 x cup
*8 x plate flat
*8 x plate deep
*1 x glass bowl 
*6 x glass bowl square
*4 x plastic children tray
*6 x egg cup

*1 x casserole
*1 x frying pan
*2 x cooking pot
*1 x saucepan
*3 x pillars

*1 x stock bus
*1 x tray
*1 x ashtray
*1 x bucket
*1 x mop
*1 x floor trigger
*1 x dustpan and brush
*1 x broom
*1 x washing-up bowl
*1 x waste bin
*1 x door mat
*5 x clothes hanger
*1 x painting
*1 x waxine light
*1 x flower
*1 x cutlery tray
*1 x extension box (electra)
*7 x terrace chair
*1 x terrace table

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