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Days out for all kinds of groups

There are not only plenty of opportunities for young families to enjoy themselves in the surroundings of Sint Anthonis, but for the older ones amongst us, there are also many possibilities for a nice day out.  Apart from the many kilometres of walking and cycling paths, there are lots of attractive opportunities for a nice day out. For example: 

Wellnessboat in Mill
Relaxation is all part of a holiday! What better place to do that than in a wellness.  Relax and/or enjoy one of the beauty treatments in what is not just any wellness, but a wellness in the form of a boat.  Just 10 kms away!

Castle Gardens in Arcen
You can walk for hours through the many gardens of this centuries-old, 32-hectare estate with the monumental Castle Arcen at its heart, and enjoy the amazing colours and wonderful fragrances. Wander through the Rosarium, with 8,000 roses: enjoy the Lommerijk (shady area) with a myriad of small streams, waterfalls and ponds; feel the sub-tropical climate between the palms, olive trees and colourful flowers in the Casa Verde, or wander through the Valley with its Oriental water garden and the Rock Valley, among other things. 

Oorlogsmuseum (War Museum) in Overloon
War belongs in a museum; that's the message of the War Museum in Overloon.  In the museum, only 10 kms away, and located in this beautiful woodland park, you will experience the occupation and the persecution, and also the resistance and D-Day. At the end, you will, of course, come across the Battle of Overloon during the liberation of Zuid-Nederland (southern Netherlands).  

Africa Museum in Berg & Dal
The Africa Museum, where you will learn and discover everything about Africa, is about 30 minutes away. 

Nationaal bevrijdingsmuseum (National Liberation Museum) in Groesbeek
About 29 kms away, between the hills and woods, south-east of Nijmegen and Arnhem, the past is brought to life at the Liberation Museum.  At the museum, you will experience the run-up to the war, the period of occupation, celebrate the liberation and see the post-war reconstruction of the Netherlands and Europe. The liberation is presented in a fascinating way by using smells, interactive presentations, dioramas, models, original films and audio clips. The museum brings over the real meaning of democracy, freedom and human rights to both young and old. 


Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch
In the lovely old city of Den Bosch, you will find the Noordbrabants Museum. This museum presents the art, culture and history of Noord-Brabant to everyone - those who come from Brabant and those who do not. The museum is the perfect place for the preservation and display of valuable knowledge about Brabant and its movable cultural heritage. 

Cruising along the Binnendieze in Den Bosch
You can't visit the beautiful city of Den Bosch, without taking a boat trip along the Binnendieze. During this boat trip, you will be amazed by this magnificent city; both in and under the city!

Designer Outlet in Roermond
Shopaholics - pay attention! Apart from exploring the attractive little shops in the small villages around Sint Anthonis, it is certainly worth paying a visit to the Designer Outlet in Roermond. Make sure you set aside a full day for this trip, so that after your visit to the outlet, you can also visit the old city of Roermond (within walking distance of the outlet). 

Boerenbondsmuseum in Gemert
The Boerenbondsmuseum shows what life was like in a "Peel" village in around 1900, with authentic buildings, faithful replicas and objects, tools, machines and stories from times gone by. The farm business is run just as it was at the beginning of the last century and they work in the fields just as they did more than 100 years ago.  There is plenty to see and do at this museum for young and old alike. 

Philips Stadium in Eindhoven
Are you a real football fan? Then you really must visit the PSV Stadium. Allow yourself to be amazed by the rich and colourful history of PSV with a visit to the PSV museum and/or explore the Philips Stadium during the PSV Stadium tour! 

Pitch & Putt in Molenhoek & Overloon
Do you enjoy ball games? Then don't forget to take your golf clubs and clothes with you on holiday! You will also find golf courses in the area around Sint Anthonis. For example, in Molenhoek and/or Overloon. 

Appeltern Gardens
At the Appeltern garden inspiration park, you will be introduced to hundreds of model gardens, thousands of plants and dozens of garden trends. You will be inspired by the many ideas for the garden offered by organisations and companies at the Appeltern Gardens. During the high season, there are also various enjoyable events in the gardens. 

The above information is just a small selection of the many possibilities for a day out in the area around Sint Anthonis. Our assistants at reception will be more than happy to tell you about other enjoyable days out! Book your holiday here now at De Ullingse Bergen. 

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